A moment to breathe

Sunrise shot from my backyard after teaching  Rise & Shine Yoga  this morning.

Sunrise shot from my backyard after teaching Rise & Shine Yoga this morning.

Reading up on the "elephant"--My card draw from Rise & Shine practice. Join us at 6am on   Tuesdays   or   Thursdays  .

Reading up on the "elephant"--My card draw from Rise & Shine practice. Join us at 6am on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

This morning as I drove home from my early morning class, I could do nothing but smile. Not every day, but pretty close to every time I teach my 6am class, I get to walk outside to view the morning sun as it invites the rest of the world to wake up. There is a beauty and power in the quiet that rests in downtown Stillwater as I enter the building. There is a light I feel in my heart when I wake before the day officially begins to share my practice with others.

In class we talked about our current challenges and how we can support ourselves during this time. We are moving between first quarter moon toward full moon, which often calls our attention toward what crises (or opportunities) we have cultivated and how we will grow from these experiences. I brought in some Animal Cards to call in on nature to support us in sharing more insight. I drew the "Elephant." This animal is one that I have forged a relationship with over the years and so it was a delight to see her show up to my morning card pull. Like most cases, I felt the image and the words and the energy behind the card really meet me where I'm at. 

Elephant first reminds me to be grateful. We are short of 5 people to meet my goal for how many students I was hoping to gather by the first 6 months...we aren't even one month in yet! We know that we have been blessed beyond measure, and each day we give thanks for the opportunity to build community--to create a space for people to practice and reconnect to their lives and to what makes them come alive and be well. The elephant also reminds us to be gracious and gentle in the process. Even though we are 5 people short of our goal, we are coming to realize that our goal perhaps was set a little lower than what it should have been...aka we are LEARNING, too!!! Always learning here...

That being said, we try to have the wisdom to know that obstacles will be ahead of us, and that some of those obstacles in fact are providing us with direction and guidance to where we need to focus our attention. In that regard, we are so thankful for these "obstacles."

I could go on and on about it all, but speaking of obstacles...the first draft of this blog I accidentally deleted this afternoon, so I am going to stop here before I do it again ;) But before I go I would like to mention there are still some 30 days unlimited yoga for $39 special offers left! If you haven't grabbed yours yet, it's a steal of a deal, really. And we are hoping to add more classes in the New Year, so grab yours before they are gone!

Last, I want to put a shout out to some amazing events we have coming up at the Studio with visiting teachers as well as our own teachers. We know December is a busy month, and that's exactly why we wanted to make sure there are plenty of options for you in case you need something a little more than our weekly classes. Sign up soon.  


Saturday, December 9 {4:30-6pm}: Yoga & Sound Immersion

Sunday, December 10 {9:30am-4:00pm}: Stability of Earth: Chakra Mandala Painting

Sunday, December 17 {5:30-7:00pm}: New Moon Tea Ceremony


Friday-Sunday, January 5-7: Winter Yoga & Meditation Retreat (one spot now open--email kali@moonriverwellness.com asap to inquire)

Saturday, January 13 {10:30-11:15am}: ***new monthly class***Yoga Family Fun (the first in a series of 3 classes! more details coming soon!)

Saturday, January 13 {1:00-4:00pm}: Foam Roller & Tennis Ball Workshop

Sunday, January 21 {1:30-4:30pm}: Ignite Your Light Program ~WATER~ Begins! (4 month program)

Hope to see you soon + thanks again for your support!

With love, 


Studio Founder