Moving Announcement + A little Moon River History

Hello friends, family and fellow community!

In case you didn’t hear, we found a new home for our little wellness hub and studio. Classes and healing sessions will switch over to our new place in the Brick Alley Building after June 1st. Stay tuned for a welcome party open house invite. Until then, follow along here to watch our progress! I cannot promise how often we will post, but I will do my best to start sharing pictures and snippets of what’s happening with us as we make our move.


For those wondering, this idea to move only came into our field of awareness at the beginning of March. We couldn’t have dreamed that we would find the space to get us to uproot and “start again” so to speak. And yet it happened. Another testimony to the truth that the only constant in life is change and that anybody can change, and in some cases the changes can feel like they happen overnight.

This week the paperwork became official. As it all becomes more real, I want to share a little bit about Moon River’s journey as a business and how this new place will allow all the work we offer to come together while still holding space for possibility.

Back in 2014, on a whim I called a number that led to a leasing opportunity in a building that focused on holistic wellness. As an herbalist and holistic health practitioner, I was meeting people in my home at the kitchen table, sometimes sitting on the floor in our living room, and sometimes even removing all the furniture from our house to make it a retreat/classroom space. (Don’t ask my family how they liked that). As a result, I was simply curious about what it might cost to rent a space.

Two days before I went in to take a look at my former office in the Compass Center for Healing, I purchased 2 chairs from our neighbor’s garage sale for $10 a pop. Upon storing them in the garage since we had nowhere to put them according to my husband, I said, “These are for my someday office.” (Insert eye roll).

Well, I’ve been known to throw the cart before the horse, but in this case, my office became a reality 2 days after I bought the chairs. After meeting the building owner and vibing with his compassionate nature immediately, I knew that I would launch my wellness business there, even though it also came as a complete surprise to our family. And so from 2014-2017 I built my wellness coaching and herbalist practice in my upstairs office while coaching and teaching yoga and meditation at my day job at a hospital in Wisconsin.

In 2017, 3 months after I had my youngest daughter, I was presented with the opportunity to build the yoga program in my building in the lower level yoga space. I had no intention to do that work, and yet opportunity was knocking at my door and my partner was encouraging me to show up. I don’t always like to admit that he sometimes has really good ideas but when push comes to shove, I trust his counsel. And so it began. I put all my efforts into building this community space. Eventually closing my upstairs office because my energy was being split too much—focusing a lot on the lower level community space.

The community focused wellness has taught me so much and has created a lot of momentum. I now get weekly emails from people wanting to collaborate and offer events at our space. In fact, just this week, someone from Winnipeg, Canada reached out to me about us hosting a training at our place. While this has been an ultimate blessing and a sign that we are building something, I have also missed my personal wellness practice.

This new space we have will allow us to both have the room to offer specialty trainings, retreats and workshops, some ongoing weekly yoga and fitness classes AND also hold space for me to reconnect with and develop my work as a healing practitioner. I can’t wait to meet you there!

Thank you always for your support. I hope to see you soon!

With love,

Kali Higgins

Studio Founder, Wellness Practitioner & Teacher