Trusting the Process + Big Weeks Ahead

That saying everything takes longer than you think is my anthem right now. It all makes sense because in the realm of ideas and thoughts we can move at lightning speed. We have a vision of the future in the blink of an eye. Some people can even download the path to get there in a matter of minutes. It is the putting it all into motion on the physical plane that takes more time. We want to go on a trip, we visualize it during our morning commute, but real change takes time, planning and effort to prepare, and sometimes time is the only ingredient that will beckon it into existence.


Taking another loop around the spiral of re-learning this message of patience and trust in the process is where I am at on the daily. And yet, in many ways, the move is still happening very quickly for me. Some of you know that in March I actually came to grips with potentially letting go of the physical space of Moon River. I came to a place where I knew I’ve been doing this work for 5 years, running the business of the yoga studio aspect for a year and a half and also knowing my lease ran up May 31 while knowing the status quo just didn’t fit me anymore. I knew a big change was on the horizon and my ego finally surrendered, being okay with potentially closing up the current physical location and going back to the drawing board to revamp my vision and plug into my heart.

Funny how when you open up to letting it all go, that the space you create in that release opens you up for really big things to set into motion! Even though it feels like everything is dragging out, I have moments of complete awe at how quickly all of it is coming together. Regardless of the measure of time, my physical body, mind and heart are playing catch up right now with the rate the dream is unfolding at the new space. As a result I postponed our CBD Soundbath in April and as much as I wanted to kickstart another Astro Club series for May, I’m called in a big way to step back and focus on getting our new space open for you and me! To making sure the business is running smoothly before I go for the sparkly, which I know can be so distracting and alluring! I’m moving into faith (my word for 2019) full throttle (if that’s even possible) and keeping the faith that I’m leaving room on the calendar and in my life for good reason. Thank you for your patience and support in all of this.

If you are wanting to get in to work with me sooner than later, I am still offering a few private sessions including flower essence consults, pranic healing as well as basic astrology readings for those wanting to learn more about your birth chart and the current transits occurring right now in your life. If the times listed on my booking page don’t work for you, please don’t hesitate to email me to find a better time.

As far as what else I’ll be up to besides my regular teaching schedule and privates this week it’s all about the floors! Even though I’ve thought this was the case the past 2 weeks, I believe this is the week we are going to make some final decisions about the floor (crossing my fingers, toes, legs, eyes…etc.)! I cannot wait to get that piece locked in, because once the floor gets put in we can start moving some of our items into the space to see how it all flows together!

Other updates since last check-in: All of our first choice for lighting was approved last week, so I’m very excited about getting that part of the space mentally set for install. I ordered everything and hope to see those packages trickling in each day. Here’s to hoping it all flows with ease and grace. Also, it looks like a lot of the pre-paint job was completed over the weekend, so that means our painter/art director can begin to put some paint to the wall which is also exciting! Especially since I’ve seen some of the mural mock-ups, and I can’t wait to see them come to life on the wall!

Last but not least to mention, there is a discussion now in the air about a complete rebrand for the space and business and I would even go as far to say for me as a person—a complete identity overhaul. Or perhaps more fitting would be a coming home to myself. A reclaiming of my identity. Even though it sounds surprising, it’s not really a big change but more just a catching up our name and vibe with how we actually present in the world. I thought I would have the words ready to put on the page today to share with you, (it’s also why my May newsletter was delayed), but it turns out it’s not quite time. When it is, you will be among the first to know! I have a mentor/friend I want to chat with about this who specializes in rebranding (and the one who planted this seed last week) as well as some other friends who have gone through a similar process that I want to connect with before I move forward with any suggestions and further change!

I think that’s enough excitement for today’s blog. Thanks for reading along and look forward to connecting again here later in the week. Hopefully there will be more photos of the space to add to show some progress by then!

Take good care,


Studio Founder, Wellness Practitioner & Teacher