~Shift Happens, and we like shift~

We are approaching our 1 month birthday at the new space, and I thought it was about time I sat down to put a few words on the page. Actually a more accurate start to this blog would be that it’s taken me about one month to ground myself enough to have energy to spare to share a reflection with you!

I won’t get into too many details but I will say there was a big shift and surprise at the beginning of the month that threw what one might call a wrench into the plan. That would be a mild way of putting it. That also would be the way of life. Regardless, through the trials that follow those who show up and do the scary thing, I am really proud of how we handled it. Special shout out to my partner Jay, our designer goddess, Jennifer, Sandy, Amy and Jason for the extra support as we find new footing and move forward, stronger than ever before. There are more of you to name here than I can count, and I thank you for being there for me and this community.

Only 9 spots left for Breathwork for the Heart (July 12 from 7-9pm). Grab your ticket soon!

Only 9 spots left for Breathwork for the Heart (July 12 from 7-9pm). Grab your ticket soon!

People often think when something goes wrong it is a sign you might be heading in the wrong direction. Of course in some situations that might be the case but not always. This past weekend at the Pranic Healing Level 1 training I heard the teacher say that in fact, sometimes when we work toward something important to us, the world will actually test us to see how much our heart is in it. This made a lot of sense to me. I learned so much from this experience, including that my heart is dedicated to see KALI transform into a place that will hold space for healing. It already has done so much for my own growth, I cannot wait to share that with others.

Being one month in, I can see there is a lot of work yet to be done but if I’m staying awake, there is so much joy in the process. I am grateful for the wonderful building management. I enjoy the neighbors I’ve met so far. June kickstarted with a drumming for healing group. We sold out our Breathwork for the Heart session, and last weekend we hosted a wonderful Pranic Healing Level 1 training. We are grateful for the people who partner with KALI to bring you special events and trainings to the St. Croix Valley, and we look forward to those we have yet to meet on this adventure.

This month as I had moments of reflection, I decided I want to devote more time as we grow (and when possible) to give back to the community. We set up two Free Yoga in the Park events for July 13 and August 11. If finances are a barrier then there is no need to do anything but show up—no judgment. If you have extra money to spare, we will ask you to consider making a donation. We are collecting on behalf of Stillwater’s drop-in homeless youth center. Learn more about this growing community here>> I have more to say about all the privilege I have to be doing this work and also about my journey as a person of color in a predominantly white industry, but I need more time to understand my intention behind how I will use my privilege for the better of the whole. For now, free yoga in the park is something that came to heart and is doable while we establish our own center in the community.

Join us at Pioneer Park from 9-10am on July 13 and August 11.

Join us at Pioneer Park from 9-10am on July 13 and August 11.

In other news, our new marketing material came in last week (since our big name change), and we are in process of writing letters inviting our neighbors to come take a class with us. We are planning our Soft Launch Party to happen July 18 from 4-8pm, and things are coming together nicely for that event. Please save the date, and check out the Facebook event for more details about what will be in store that evening!

We are hoping to put the finishing touches on the paint work by the end of this week and look forward to sharing photos of our mural with you.

Until then, I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather today!

With love,