Weekly Class Descriptions

We like to move with the seasons. Each quarter we make schedule changes, Fall (September, October, November), Winter (December, January, February), Spring (March, April, May) and Summer (June, July, August). Depending on demand and opportunity, all classes are subject to change at any time.

For the most up to date weekly schedule, view this week's class schedule here. To check out seasonal series, workshops, programs, retreats and events see our "Special Events Calendar". To view all events happening this month download our PDF below.



Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slow-moving yoga that offers balance to our overactive and stress-filled lives. Most poses are practiced on the floor and held for around 3 minutes or so to allow muscles to engage in a calm manner, relaxing and strengthening muscle tissues. This meditative action makes it possible to therapeutically and gently tug at connective tissues and joints. Throughout class participants are guided in breathing practices that balance and calm the nervous system. Steady the body, mind, and emotions and find the presence of joy in the here and now.

Mondays with Lynn from 9:00-10:15am


Rise & Shine Yoga

Awaken your senses and invigorate your body with a gentle yet energizing 60 minute class. Class will begin with some longer holds with breathwork, moving toward dynamic postures and flowing vinyasa to physically and mentally awaken your body and mind. This practice is nourishing and cleansing and will prepare you to rise and shine for the rest of your day!

Tuesdays & Thursdays with Kali from 6:00am-7:00am

*Preregistration only, no drop-in available. Please sign up no later than 9:00pm the evening before class.


Core Strength Vinyasa

A total strength, flexibility and breath workout followed by deep relaxation in savasana. You’ll learn functional movement and safe ways to progress toward challenge poses. A great compliment to your current athletic or fitness program. Prepare to transform!

Wednesdays with Martha from 5:30pm-6:45pm



Joint-Freeing Yoga

This class breaks up the sedentary way of modern life by exercising and stretching different parts of the body in a gentle and pleasant way. We bring our awareness back to muscles and joints that may have been forgotten throughout the week (or through the years!) Each class begins with breath work and meditation to calm the mind in a chair (or on the floor), then slow flowing stretches to open your joints to get the blood moving. Start the day off feeling great in a light-hearted environment where we meet today’s body with an open mind and compassion.

Thursdays with Kali from 10:00am-11:00am




The practice of mindfulness, breath-work, and energizing movement can help us achieve a state of “flow”. People in a state of flow find the present moment so compelling that everything else disappears – time slows, ego dissolves – a feeling of peace and serenity remains. The benefits of this practice can carry over into our daily lives and transform our world.  This is the goal of practice in this class.

Class usually begins with gentle movements to warm up the body, then to progressively more challenging flowing sequences, and ends with calmer, deeper stretches all the while focusing on breath, awareness, and the practice of being fully present.  Each class closes with an inspirational quote.

Thursdays with Lynette from 7:00pm-8:00pm ; Saturdays with Amanda from 9:00-10:15am