Flower Essence Consult

Gentle yet powerful, flower essences support emotional, spiritual and physical healing. Created from a process that captures the energetic imprint of a flower at the peak of its bloom, flower essences are safe for children, animals and pregnant women and are complementary to all other healing modalities.

You may be interested in setting up a flower essence consult when you need:

  • To release patterns of old trauma and pain that are influencing your daily behaviors, thoughts and feelings today—when you are feeling stuck.

  • To reconnect to your purpose and original spark—for times when life is weighing you down and you don’t feel like yourself.

  • To go deeper with your emotional and spiritual healing—to deepen your intuition and connect to your higher self and your purpose.

  • To work with the energy of the season, lunar influences—when you want to set an intention or support a goal you have.

Flower essences open our awareness so we can move past what may be limiting us from reaching our true potential. During your session you can expect to get quiet and tune into your present emotional, spiritual and physical needs, and together we will co-create a custom flower essence blend of up to 5 flowers for you to work with for a period of time based on your personal goals and intention.

The price of your session includes a one hour initial consultation, a write up with the flowers in your formula with directions for how to take the essence and a 1/2 ounce bottle of your custom blended essence.

Whole Health Herbal Consult

A Whole Health Herbal Consult explores a health issue in depth with a holistic lens. This session looks at physical, energetic and emotional patterns behind present symptoms and aims to connect you with natural remedies and lifestyle changes that will support specific organ systems in your body. This consult is best suited for people interested in a full-spectrum approach to wellness.


You may be interested in setting up a whole health herbal consult when you want:

  • To work with a specific health concern that is related directly to an imbalance in the physical or mental body that requires enlivening an organ system or re-directing negative emotional/mental patterning.

  • To seek a deeper understanding of how herbs, flower essences and simple lifestyle changes can amplify the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

  • To take a natural approach to support the roots of good health and build on your present wellness goals.

During your hour and a half session, you can expect to leave with 2 herbal tinctures and/or flower essences or one of each, which are included in the cost of your session. You may also receive other lifestyle recommendations and wellness practices for personal growth that include specific yoga and meditation practices to support your wellness plan.