Dates: 1 Sunday each month {January, February, March, April}; Time: 1:00-4:00pm
Place: Compass Center for Healing, Stillwater, MN {Ste. 300 + Lower Level Studio}                    
Cost:  $79/month (Regular) {$316 for 4 month series}; $64/month (Member*) {$256 for 4 month series}

During the winter, explore your inner and outer landscape through the elements and the natural world and ignite your truth. Together, we will deepen our relationship with Mother Nature and ourselves through:

  • Gentle yoga flow + meditations specific to each element
  • Intention setting + Intuition Building Practices
  • Creative Expression + Sacred Rituals
  • Energy Healing (White Light Essences™)
  • Two 60 minute coaching sessions with Kali   
  • Weekly check-in emails with additional resources + reflections

Each month we will take a closer look into each element's lessons and offerings to our life:


JANUARY: WATER ESSENCE //  Break through to your light as you reveal and initiate the release of your deepest, most ancient negative karmic patterns. Nurturing and cleansing, water essence encourages us to be more open to receive and trust in ourselves. This essence enables us to find inner stillness to allow us to experience our feelings fully and achieve emotional harmony and flow. 



FEBRUARY: EARTH ESSENCE //  Tune into subtle realms and vibrations. The Earth element fosters strong connection, respect and reverence to nature, the Ancients, the earth, life-force and the origins of life. This essence offers us the centering and grounding we need to find our direction and move forward with clarity and focus.



MARCH: FIRE ESSENCE //  Open and step into your most ancient source, back to the moment when your soul originally chose its life purpose. This element sparks us into our "fiery" sense of knowing and direction. As we work with this desire within, we find the inspiration and motivation we need to follow our life path and to fulfill our highest destiny.




APRIL: AIR ESSENCE //  Realize and feel in your heart that life will go on no matter the circumstance. Feel love and peace around you. Air Essence allows one's thought processes to become more flowing and gentle. When making a choice this Essence helps us maintain a balance between the head and the heart, connecting us to our intuition as we close the series and move forward trusting our life process.


WHAT ELSE IS INCLUDED? Monthly handouts outlining the element's interactive lecture, recordings of the live sessions, 2- 60 minute coaching sessions, plus 5- 1/2 oz dose bottles of each White Light Essence™ --water, earth, fire, air + higher self-- to integrate the lessons of the 4 month program. 

Due to the sacred nature of this program, this journey is open to 10 people. To gain the most benefit, it is recommended to attend all four sessions. Please email for a program application and for further instruction for registration. This program requires a minimum of 4 people to run.

*Member pricing is good for people who have a monthly membership at the Studio. If program is purchased before one signs up for a monthly membership, please notify Kali and she can adjust payment or issue a refund for the difference.