Our Mission & Values


If we are willing to embrace the challenge of becoming whole, we cannot embrace it alone--at least, not for long: we need trustworthy relationships to sustain us and tenacious communities of support, to sustain the journey toward an undivided life. Taking an inner journey toward embodying our soul life in action requires a rare but real form of community that I call a "circle of trust."

--Parker J. Palmer, A Hidden Wholeness (adapted)


So much of our daily lives pull us away from who we really are, leaving us feeling unwell, distracted and disconnected from ourselves and the world. When we take time to slow down and listen, we are reminded that there is a part of us that is already whole and well.

Our mission at KALI is to provide opportunities for people to reconnect to themselves and to each other.  By staying grounded in the cycles of the seasons and maintaining a safe and welcoming community, we hope that each experience leaves you feeling transformed.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity: When we lead our lives in a way that encourages greater congruence between our head and heart and inner and outer selves, we can better integrate our gifts and strengths and our shadows and our limits. This way of being invites openness, honesty and authenticity to show up, building trust in our community.

  • Compassion: Our work as an organization and community is grounded in a loving-kindness compassion that allows us to be gentle with ourselves. Our commitment to compassion also encourages us to extend toward our personal edges to better understand, respect, support and love one another.

  • Learning: We are always curious and learning. We are never the experts telling others what is "right." When we approach one another with a beginner's mind and with the idea that we are all learning, it creates a sense of a circle--with no one person better than another. In this space, people can feel welcome and like every voice matters.

  • Spirituality: We believe only you can define what spirituality means to you, but what we do know is that spirituality is important to us in our own unique and universal ways.

  • Community: As we do our "inner work," we are not focusing on just ourselves, but we are bringing more awareness to the fact that we are all interconnected. This knowing results in an ongoing commitment to being good stewards to one another and to the land. We are all in this together.